Saturday, August 9, 2008

What Do You Think This Is ?

Have a look at the attached video clip from CNN, and post your thoughts.

You can see the video here

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tap Con

Tap-con was disorganized but we knew it was going to be before we went. There were good friends, great speakers and it was a wonderful experience to meet 500 other paranormal investigators. It was great hearing all their experiences and listening to their different theories. We traded business cards like a game of "Go Fish", and I hope to see those faces again at our events. It was great having such a sharing and learning experience with fellow Tampa Ghost Watcher members at my side. I would like to thank, Debbie, Angela, Cathy, Mike, Linda, Jamie, Bill, Claire, Jose, Rosemary, Nancy for sharing the experience and making it more wonderful for me.
We had some fun experiences with Robert the doll. I forgot to ask permission to do EVPs with him and to my dismay that whole section of tape was blank. I wont forget again! My lesson in manners I guess. Debbie had a playful experience with something messing with her recorders. Her digital recorder was missing upon arrival, returned to the top of her purse that last day we were there. When we went to Bills room for a small get together, Debbie's microphone on her analog recorder was destroyed, pulled off the wire completely. We searched the room to find no sign of even the smallest piece of it laying around. On another occation we searched the room for Debbie's glasses, walking in and out of the room to get ice I was surprised to find her glasses neatly set out side our door upon my return, where I would have to have step on them to enter and exit the room. Perhaps it was a playful spirt, perhaps it was menopause, but we enjoyed the experiance. Linda and I both experience being physically touched by something the basement. We were not in the same group which made it more significant that it was in the same area. I was sad that Denise couldn't make it due to Tom's illness. Sending Denise and Tom big Huggs and prayers. Get well soon WE NEED YOU BACK!!!
I agree that it was poorly run by Tapcon but I have to say that the people around us made it all worth the cost. The actual Taps group did everything possible to make up for the mess that Tapcon made out of their reputation. Would I do it again? No! I think I would rather spend my money on some of the Tampa Ghost Watcher excursions which have the same people experiences but don't have the chaos and confusion brought about by poor management. As for the Biltmore (White Queen of the Gulf) she holds my heart and if I had to sleep in a toilet I would and will return.
P.S. I went to experience the spirits, not to stay in a luxury hotel. I have to say our room was clean and nice, what we saw of it. I understand the hotel was over booked and probably rented rooms not usually in service. But I think overall the hotel staff went above and beyond to keep things together and shouldn't be condemned for one maid that didn't do her job. The Biltmore is scheduled for a complete renovation. Probably because its a very old building with many structural problems. But old buildings are where ghosts tend to hang out and I would have slept in the Leakey cellar if they would have let me.