Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gregorian Chant & Holiday Get Together

The Gregorian Chant Advent Concert is planned for Sunday, Dec 14 at 4 PM. Location: Sacred Heart Church, corner of Twiggs St. and Florida Avenue in downtown Tampa. Donations expected. This is an open to the public event with a sung mass from the 11th/12th Centuries. More info at www.FloridaProMusica.com

After the Chant (probably 6 PM) - Holiday Get Together at a new location called CORK at 406 South Howard Avenue in Tampa. This new restaurant/wine bar just opened this week. It is immediately across the street from MacDintons and has the same owners. They have generously offered to provide us with a selection of complimentary appetizers, but I need to let them know how many participants we expect. SO, please email me if you plan to attend.

Everyone is welcome to attend both events. Just Please RSVP to me as soon as possible for the Holiday Get Together.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

EVPs Digital vs Analog

I always run a few analog recorders and a digital. As mentioned at Cedar Key, the way a digital recorder works is with Voice recognition software. Your digital recorder reads what it thought it heard and then in prints a digital sound signal. Much like when talking to the phone company automated signal many times it didn't get it right. They are programmed to hear and play only in the actual frequency range of a human voice. Many times the cheaper ones will pick up sounds not in the programmed range and play them back with the only software it has available. This software recreates the sound as an in the room type volume. So a whisper across the street from the house you are investigating could in actuality play back as yelling in the room you are standing in.
Analog works with sound ions in printing through magnetic heads onto tape. If the sound is not clear it may records garbled but it wont take it upon its self to INVENT words as a digital will.
I have been running two recorders together for the past few investigations. What I have found is that my digital recorder makes up a lot more then I thought it did. A person might say " I left it in the refrigerator "and the digital might play it back as "I want some cheese". In the beginning of using digital recorders I thought, I know no one said that! So it must be paranormal. Now that I have researched how recorders work I realized this wasn't paranormal but digital recognition software gone a rye.
Now don't throw away your digital recorders. Digital recorders, because of the possibility of hearing something not in the human frequency range and having to print it out in a human frequency range can be great for understanding some of what the paranormal whispers are actually saying. Of coarse its just a digital software guess but at least its some hint to what could be being said.
As a paranormal investigator debunking is an important part of the job. Before I play a recording for a client that says "GET OUT OR I'LL KILL YOU" I want to make sure its not a fellow investigator saying "is it raining out side". If you should get a recording like that and its not backed up on a analog recorder this doesn't mean that it wasn't paranormal. It just means perhaps we should schedule another investigation sooner then we thought...