Friday, January 30, 2009

Events Schedule

WOW ! What a great meeting.
Thanks to everyone that attended our last meeting and Thanks to author, ghosthunter Mark Nesbitt for a great conference call. This was one of our largest meetings ever.

Mark Your Calendar:
1. Sunday, Feb 15 - 6 PM - Our Next meeting date. Exact location to be announced, but we may have an investigation.

2. THE LAST FRIDAY THE 13th at the Belleview Biltmore.
Friday, March 13 - This classic hotel is scheduled to close for several years of renovation in late May. We will have a group dinner, special program, and then a late night investigation tour by Emilio. This will not be open to the public, only to our group. Cost $89 per person including program, dinner, investigation, and breakfast buffet. We have a special room rate of $129 for the night. We have limited space due to the special nature of the investigation. (Friday is not a usual ghost tour night, so we should have a great time without the crowds and no one has conducted more tours of the Biltmore than Emilio) Email to reserve your spot.

3. Sunday, March 8 - Meeting/Investigation - more details soon.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Event Survey

As we plan for 2009, please take a moment and let me know what type of events you want to see Tampa Ghost Watchers conduct in 2009.


1. Do you want more events just in the immediate Tampa area ?
2. Do you want more events that are program oriented with speakers and guests ?
3. Do you want weekend events within a reasonable drive of Tampa ? (probably requiring a two night hotel stay)

Please rate the following only if you attended: (1 being great and 5 it really sucked)

a. Cedar Key trip
b. Ocala Forest Camping
c. St. AuGHOSTine
d. Ybor Paranormal Conference
e. Niagara Falls
f. Gregorian Chant
g. Phillippee Park Gathering
h. Cassadaga with Memphis Ghosts
i. TapsCon at the Belleview Biltmore
j. Sunset Ceremony at RedHawk Ranch
l. Others

Any other paranormal events that you attended that you think is worth mentioning, and why ?

Any other paranormal events that you think we should consider having, and why ?

We know you are not all alike. Budgets are different, time constraints exist, interests are different, and plenty more differences.
We probably have the broadest range of any paranormal group in the country and we plan to stay that way. BUT your comments, suggestions, and criticisms are extremely important to us and this is the place to do it.

PLEASE CLICK ON COMMENTS BELOW AND POST YOUR RESPONSES. We really want interaction between each of you on our plan. I received two responses so far and have posted them below.

Next Meeting - Sunday, Jan 25


Our Next Meeting of the Tampa Ghost Watchers will be Sunday, Jan. 25, 6 PM at the offices of the Tampa Marketing Company. 1906 N. Armenia Ave. #207.
Please call me if the door is locked at 813-770-3902 cell.

We will have a conference call with one of the Gettysburg Ghost Investigators, and we will layout our schedule of meetings and events for 2009.

Members, Guests, Visitors are all welcome to attend. NO Cost to attend.