Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Investigation - Saturday, May 9

Tampa Ghost Watchers will be visiting the American Victory Ship on SATURDAY, May 9 from 7-10:30 PM for an investigation. The ship is located immediately behind the Florida Aquarium at Channelside in downtown Tampa.

This ship was launched in 1945 and has seen duty in the North Atlantic during World War II, the Viet Nam War, and the Korean conflict. In March 1953, the SS American Victory was assigned the grim task of retuning the bodies of 370 GIs who lost their lives in Korea. Get info about the ship here.

We will board the ship at exactly 7 PM. Our event will include a discussion on the history of the ship followed by an investigation until 10:30 PM. YOU MUST WEAR SOFT SOLE SHOES !!!!

SPACE IS LIMITED. Cost to attend is $25 per person. Sign up here.

Our Group

We had a great investigation at Myrtle Hill Memorial Gardens on Sunday. Almost 50 attended. It as a near perfect day and while it is only just over 24 hrs since our visit, several attendees have reported some interesting experiences that occurred. If you have some pictures or more to share, please click on the COMMENT link below and let us know what you thought of the event and about your experience.

Sunday, April 19 was the date of the visit. April 12 was Easter Sunday, on March 22 we had a FREE cook out at Phillippe Park, on March 13 over 40 attended an investigation of the Belleview Biltmore before they close for over two years. Since January you should have received over 20 emails from me and of course, this blog has been updated as required.

We have a group of 14 going to Gettysburg the end of May and have put together a trip to Andersonville/Camp Sumpter in South Georgia the end of June. (PLEASE SIGN UP ASAP, as we will have to release rooms at the haunted Windsor Hotel soon if not reserved - get details here) We also have a planned campout investigation to Pat's Island in the Ocala National Forest in early August. This was the location of a post office, small settlement, cemetery, and large sinkhole, also the Yearling Trail.

Our next event will be on the American Victory Ship in downtown Tampa on Saturday, May 9 from 7-11 PM.

With all of this going on I received this email yesterday afternoon:
Hi Bill. I know you are busy but what is happening with the club. Several of us are very dissapointed. There never seems to be any investigations. I myself have only been to the Trelis Clinic. There has to be more to it than that. Is no one contacting you for assisstance with activity? Please don't take it the wrong way. It's just that I expected something....(Name withheld)

The Tampa Chamber of Commerce charges over $350 per year to join, plus costs to attend their events. They have a full time staff of over 10 to organize their events. We charge $25 to join - once- and you get a t-shirt (the Chamber doesn't even give you a t-shirt)

Tampa Ghost Watchers is quite possibly the largest paranormal group in the US with almost 200 members now. We do our best to provide you with plenty of events of every type and cost. Thank you to everyone that helps to make our events successful and to keep us operating smoothly. But if you are expecting events 7 days a week/24hours a day you can expect poorly organized events, plenty of repeats, and the need for a lot more money to be spent on a full time staff. The experience of paranormal investigations can be exciting, BUT if ghost hunting represents your entire social and event calendar, then maybe you need to get some help.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Investigation - Sunday, April 19

Cemetary Investigation at Myrtle Hill Memorial Park
Sunday, April 19
4 PM - Dusk

Location: Corner of Martin Luther King and N. 50th Street in Tampa.

Founded in 1917 on over 100 acres this beautiful location has been known to have generated calls to Tampa Police of screams and moans, with nothing ever found. Stories of full body apparitions at various mausoleums have been reported as well.

Directions: On I-4, just East of Ybor City, take the 50th Street/Columbus exit North approximately one mile. Look for the Cemetary entrance on the left just past the Martin Luther King intersection. You will see a very large American flag on the right just past the cemetary entrance.

Bring any equipment you may require.
Bring comfortable shoes and water or beverages as there are no facilities nearby.

Follow my directions clearly, there are 3 Cemetaries adjacent to each other at this location. Look for my bright yellow Smart Car on the left as you enter the gates. Do NOT drive on the grass.

NO Cost to attend. Members, Guests, and spirits invited.


PLEASE RSVP by sending an email to bill@tampaghostwatchers.com