Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I will be publishing an article about Tapscon soon. Will provide a link here when it is posted.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Taps CON

Any comments about Taps CON? I will simply just say that it could have been better organized and my room had to be the nastiest room in the entire hotel. Rusty water, pubic hair all over the bathroom floot, mold in the bathroom, 2 inch gap in the window sill allowing mosquitoes in at night, lipstick on 3 or the 4 cups. This did not make a good impression. Actually, we checked out Saturday morning. While the history might be nice and the downstairs is nice, my room seriously lacked attention. Old is one thing....dirty is completely unacceptable!!!!!!!!! I can definately say I will NEVER stay at the Biltmore again and won't recommend it to anyone. We spoke with about 15 other people who had the same complaint so it was obviously just not us. Oh, I forgot to mention the exposed wires and mold on the ceiling in the corridor just down from us. Yes, I took photos of this in case someone doubted me. I just wanted to share my experience.

Friday, July 11, 2008

GHOSTLY COOKOUT - Sunday, July 13

We have about 40 people planning to attend.

Our current needs are for some more food items.
Due to response, have change our start time to 4 PM. Park Closes at Dark.

When: Sunday, July 13 from 4 PM - Sunset.

Where: Phillippe Park in Safety Harbor.

How Much: FREE Event

More details here soon.

Get park directions here
List of people and planned items are here:
AnnaMarie - Chocolate cake, nustard and cups
Susan S and Bob -
Ron @ Sharon - plates & silverware
Julie F and Guest -
Jeanne B - Food item
Sam & Deb G - macaroni salad and deviled eggs
Charley and Mary B. Cups, Napkins and utensils
Nancy H and 3 guests - plates , napkins and utensils
Terri P - food item
Pras and 2 guests - maybe
Rick and Denise - -
Frank andDebbie - -
Luann - maybe
Mike and Linda - Beans and Brownies
Claire and Ramon - Chips and dips
Christi P. -
Debbie - hashbrown casserole
Helen B and guest- food item
Al and Patricia -
Ronn and Sharon -
Check S. and Guest
Lee and Susie and Diana -
Kathy F - Drinks
Angela and Cathy - potato salad and buffalo wings
Bill - Hamburgers and Brats


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cedar Key Night Shot Video Camera

I have a DVD from the bar at Cedar Key. If anyone is interested in watching 1 to 2 hours of still shot video camera for experience. After about 20 minutes your eyes start to burn. This will give you a little insite into what Steve on Taps must go through. Let me know I will bring the DVD with me to the cook out. I wont say if there is anything found on the tape cause I don't want to ruin the end of the movie for you... Just kidding. Let me know.
Anna Marie