Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alice - St. Augustine

This is the picture of Alice that was taken when several of us went with SP on Saturday evening.

This is a cropped version of Alice. Notice the energy radiating from the orb on the outer edges.
Please note: It was not raining and there was nothing on the porch that was reflective where this orb was taken. Approximately 15 people were able to witness this photo immediately after it was taken. Additionally, Alice was setting off the EMF meter. Had it not been for this seminar, I would not have been able to capture such an incredible phenomena. This photo also made a believer out of several skeptics.

St. Aughostine

I had a fantastic time and enjoyed the speakers immensely. Thanks for putting together a fun weekend Bill. I can honestly say that I came away with some very beneficial information as well as photos and new friends. Plus, I think walking gave "everyone" some much needed exercise. No complaints here. It was fun getting together with like minded people. Surely it could not have been easy to put on this event but rest assured that you put on a good program which was certainly enjoyable.

Monday, September 24, 2007

St. Aughostine 9.23.07

All my photo's from St. Aughostine.


I do have a paid flickr account, if people have alot of photo's like me they would like uploaded without compressing them, I'd be happy to do that for you. I love to see all the stuff I missed. To try to plan better for next time.

jesse.tgw @ gmail.com

Monday, September 17, 2007

St. Aughostine Rain?

Right now, The weather isn’t looking to good for St. Aughostine for Friday and Saturday hopefully that will change. How much stuff is outside? Didn’t know if I needed to buy rain gear or not? Didn’t know if it’s a ONWARD TROOPS WE ARE TAKING THAT HILL! Or a Snuggle up in the big room, burn the hotel chairs for a camp fire and tell ghost stories while it rains, or if you could post something about in case of rain we are doing this …..

Also, Oct 5-7 they are having Necronomicon, like a smaller version of Dragon Con I think. Never been to this. Carrie and I will be going Saturday of that weekend to check it out. This is the 26th year, but I had never heard of it before.

Tampa's Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Convention
Hyatt Downtown Tampa

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sunday, Sept. 16 Meeting

7 PM at the Tampa Marketing Company Offices at 1906 N. Armenia #207, Tampa.

Photos to compare, stories to tell.

Special conference call with Sarah Zell, founder of the Central Texas Ghost Search.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ghostock 5

Who will be attending Ghostock 5?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dragon Con, St Aughostine, Ghostock5

Just got back from Dragon Con last night. It was a blast. The following Link has some photos


Really hard to grasp how big Dragon Con is. 3 Large hotels. With 4-5 Floors each packed with people dressed up, and some not so dressed. Hung out with some of the Georgia GhostHounds and a little with Patrick Burns (great group of people). Nice thing about DC is it's not a drunken slobber fest. Thousands and Thousands of people there, party 24 hours a day for 3 days and hardly see a drunken slob. One of the few places a girl can walk around in shadow armor(painted on body) and pasties in the middle of large crowds and not get molested. Like to see her try that in ybor! The time just few by. 4 days just seem like a blurr of one day. Plenty of famous people to meet for all you Scifi fans, TAPS, Mythbusters, Eric Estrada(not sure what he was doing there), Kevin Sorbo, BSG people, FireFly peoples, Marc Singer (The first BeastMaster guy), Drucllia, Spike, Lori Pettie(Not sure what she was doing there either), Stargate, and thats just to list a few of them. You guys should try to make plans to go next year.

So we will be at St. Aughostine in a couple weeks. Rooms are pretty cheap here, If some one REALLY needs to share a room do to the cost, let us know and we will see about sharing to help out.

Then we are booked for Ghostock5 also. We are considering looking for roommates to split the cost for the hotel room, and maybe the cost for the road trip.

Here is a break down of guest per room for Ghostock. (Copied from the ghostock forum)

159.00 + taxes and fees = 180.67
3 nights x 180.67 = 542.01
542.01 divided by 2 roomies = 271.00 per person!

3 people the rate goes up $10 per night (extra person).
169.00 + taxes and fees = 191.97
3 nights x 191.97 = 595.91
575.91 divided by 3 roomies = 191.97 per person!

4 people the rate goes up $20 per night....($10 per extra roomie)
179.00 + taxes and fees = 203.27 per night
3 nights x 203.27 = 609.81
609.81 divided by 4 roomies = 152.45 per person!!

just send me a email at jesse.tgw AT gmail.com

News from Pras

Hello all,

Yes, Aden Timothy Wilisch was born over the Labor Day Weekend September 2, 2007 at Brandon Regional Hospital (Florida) at 1339 (That's 1:39 PM for those of you non-military types). Guess little Aden could not wait, he wanted that BBQ :) Actually, my blood pressure unfortunately shot up and doctors think that's what did it. He was all of 7 Lbs 3 oz and he's a sweetheart.

I delivered naturally (I Did it!!!!) and I went with a Doulas service (Touched by an Angel Doulas, Thank you Alison!!!!!). I'm so glad I did, it was truly a remarkable experience.

So I'll post more pictures in the future, probably on MYSPACE under http://www.myspace.com/pheonix_k or Ned's at http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=147738990&MyToken=5e557c8e-ff6b-44f3-b6ee-4ccea21d3aba will let you guys know.

Oh! before I forget, please send me your addresses (incase I don't have them) so little Aden can send a hello! :)

Many Blessings!
Pras, Ned and Aden Wilisch