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The Haunted Skyway Bridge in Florida
With Hundreds of Sightings, Could Ghost Be Real? The Skyway bridge, a beautiful sight in itself. From the top you can see countless miles of open water, and experience the peace, that nature has to offer. It is unfortunate the bridge is also associated with suicidal jumpers. Throughout the years several people have taken their life by jumping from the Skyway bridge. Is it possible some they never left the place, where they chose to leave it all behind? Fishermen of the Skyway pier tell countless stories of seeing "ghost". What is now the Skyway pier used to be the old Skyway Bridge where the stories of the jumper, and the hitchhiker will live forever.

Throughout the 1960's and 1970's scores of motorists using the Sunshine Skyway Bridge claimed to see a young blonde lady dressed in a tight T-shirt in an off-white or tan outfit poised to jump off of one of the main spans. She was reported during both day and night, many times when the structures were shrouded in fog. When Sheriff's Deputies would investigate, no trace of the young lady could be found, either at the top of the bridge, or in the waters below. By the end of the 1970's reports of a lady of similar appearance filtered in to toll collectors and local Sheriff's Deputies, only this time she was hitchhiking. Several motorists would pick her up.

She explained in a nervous tone that she had to get to the other side of the bridge. She would become more notably agitated the closer to the top of the bridge that the motorists went. When the drivers of the cars would turn around to reassure her that everything was all right she had simply vanished. These incidents involved many out of state drivers not familiar with these stories! Once the old southbound Skyway span was destroyed in May 1980 by the freighter "Summit Venture", the spectral Skyway lady was never seen again. Was she the spirit of a young lady who unbeknownst to others jumped to her death from the Skyway in the 1960's, or was she a harbinger of the death and terror that would occur on the old south span on that fateful May day in 1980? Another legend or haunting of the Skyway involves a Greyhound bus and it's 22 passengers. Now known as the "ghost bus". On the morning of May 9, 1980, a storm born in Texas several days earlier slammed into the Tampa Bay area, pelting it with heavy rains and winds. At 6:20 A.M. that morning, Harbor Pilot John Lerro climbed the pilot's ladder in order to navigate the empty 606' long phosphate freighter, the "Summit Venture" from the mouth of Tampa Bay to port of Tampa. As the ship continued to head east in the channel not far from Egmont Key, visibility became near zero.

The storm became so intense that Lerro lost his bearings by 800' and the result was that the bow of the ship struck the southbound span's support pier at 7:34 A.M., resulting in a horrendous collapse of the main span. Six automobiles, one pick up truck, and one Greyhound bus bound for Miami plummeted almost 200' down at an estimated speed of 67 miles per hour into the waters of Tampa Bay-only one person survived-the pick up truck landed first onto the ship itself, then into the Bay-the driver of the pick up truck was recovered from the water, hospitalized and later released.

All in all 35 people died that morning. The Greyhound bus, a 1975 MC-B Crusader, had one driver and 22 passengers onboard. The bus was sheared by the impact so severely that the entire top 2/3rds of it was shorn off "like a pop top". More then 20 people have reported seeing the shadow image of a Greyhound driving down what is now the fishing pier, as if on the main road. The driver has the looking straight ahead, with both hands on the wheel, as if nothing was wrong. Some say a lady wearing black is looking out the back of the bus, smiling, and waving at those who are staring. The the bus the just disappears off the end of the pier. Others say every now, and then you can feel a strong breeze, and smell gas, as if a bus just drove past you.

Does the stories just make for good fisherman tales, perhaps they are just stories. It makes for a good spooky tale whether you believe it or not. The Sunshine Skyway bridge connects Tampa / St. Petersburg to Sarasota. The Skyway pier is great for night fishing, so grab a pole, and let me know if you see any ghost. By Pen
Published May 08, 2007
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Tampa Theater

What do you think about this photo......Dust or Orb?

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Tampa Theater Anna Marie's EVPs

I got these strange squeaks on my tape. They always seemed to be around the time I am looking for a response. But being the proverbial kid that has to know why, I tried taping on the rest of the tape. I have never gotten a noise like this before but I was trying to see if it could be a recorder machine noise. I used the same tape and the same batteries. I taped for about an hour. I didn't and could reproduce the noise. I even snorted into the machine. I have had this stuffy nose thing going on so I wanted to see if the noise could be recreated by any abnormal breathing pattern. But I have not after three hours of trying been able to recreate the noise. I got about ten of them on the tape at the Tampa Theater. Anyone wishing to hear these please e-mail me at and I will be happy to send them to you.
Anna Marie

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I couldn't upload EVPs. So I turned this into a I was alone on the stage with the closest member 20ft from me.

Tampa Theater

I had noticed something moving around the stage area. It seemed to be going in and out of the door so I tried to get it to come out on video. Unfortunately it came out where I wasn't Look at the left hand side of the curtain when watching this video.

Tampa Theater

Here is a picture of 4 shots of the projectionist window. If you notice in the first shot there is nothing in the window. In the second shot it seems to have someone looking out. I assumed when first looking that the person was one of the group. Until I realized that the last two pictures had the same person looking out the same window and they were taken 20 minutes after.

Tampa Theater

We had a great time at the Tampa Theater. I would like to thank Bill for setting it up and thank the theater for accomadating our group. There was a point in time that someone in the crowd said "did you guys hear that?" He had heard a noise from the back of the theater. Debbie and I being towards the back of the group immediatly turned at took a picture. I put both of those shots together in one picture so that the group could see it.

Next Meeting - Sunday, Nov. 11 - 7 PM

The Next Meeting of the Tampa Ghost Watchers will be on Sunday, Nov. 11 at 7 PM at the offices of the Tampa Marketing Company at 1906 N. Armenia Ave. #207, Tampa, FL

Phone number is 813-283-0760.

Our offices are in one of Tampa's original cigar factory buildings built in 1904, located at the corner of Spruce Street and N. Armenia, 4 blocks North of i-275.

Guests and Members are welcome to attend.

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Tampa Theatre Ghosts

Special thanks to Mike Burton for providing us with the following:

The Tampa Theatre Ghosts

Foster Finley

The Tamp Theater was opened in 1926 at 711 N. Franklin Street in the heart of downtown Tampa.
Foster Finley (nickname Fink) became the projectionist from 1930 until his death from a heart attack in 1965.
Although the theater did not open until 1300 hours daily, Foster would arrive by bus every day at 0800 hours, dressed in a suit and tie.
It is reported that Foster was a smoker and “a cigarette was a permanent feature of the corner of his mouth”.
He had a wife and family however seemed to dedicate him self to the theater.
After his death, both moviegoers and theater staff reported seeing an apparition float across the screen during films. Projectionist reported “pranks,” as if someone was holding the projection booth door open as they tried to close it. Some employees reported seeing doors within the theater open and close by themselves, with no one around.
A figure dressed in light colors has been seen setting in the theater when it has been closed and empty.
One worker reported being repeatedly tapped on the shoulder as he mopped the floor. The same worker reported repeatedly turning off a shower on the third floor, which again and again turns back on as he left from just turning it off.
There have been reports of manifestations and objects move from one place to another.
One projectionist carried a knife in his belt and it came up missing from where he laid it within the projection booth. After repeated searching, the knife could not be found. Another employee suggested he just ask “Fink” to return it and the projectionist did.
The knife was immediately found in the projection booth where everyone had looked prior.

The Lady in White or the Lady in Waiting
(Investigation conducted by SPIRIT of St)
(Petersburg in 2005)
A lady ghost dressed in a long white dress has been seen at the second floor balcony and is believed to be waiting on her fiancĂ©’. In 2005 a team of ghost hunters investigated the theater and a psychic communicated with her. It is believed that her name is Jezebel or Jesse and she was killed in the dirt street prior to the theater being built on the spot. Through psychic interview Jesse told the medium that she died while on her way to meet her fiancĂ© after being run over by a horse and buggy. Prior investigation and sightings report the smell of perfume when Jesse is present.

Man in Uniform
Physic and paranormal investigators have reported the presence of a male figure dressed in and older style military uniform, possible civil war era.