Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trelles Recordings

Eileen and I took recordings at the Trelles. If anyone would like me to email them to them so they can analyze them, please email me at Put EVP in the subject line so I don't delete your email.
I had a good time at the Trelles and enjoyed working with all of you!!!
Anna Marie

Monday, February 16, 2009

Trelles Clinic 02/15/09

Ghost of the Trellis Clinic

This photo was taken at the Trellis Clinic on Feb. 15th, during our group investigation. Ghost or merely matrixing? The temperature in the room dropped tremendously while we attempted to communicate using dowsing rods with a detected energy spot.Two members with sensitive abilities were communicating with the energy of a male, who advised he worked at the clinic.
Also notice that the image spans the area across the door opening, in a solid form, and would not have appeared as it does if it were a reflection.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

One Sentence Answers Requested

Why are you interested in ghosts and paranormal investigations ? (Please keep it to one sentence by clicking on the comments link below)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Upcoming Events

FIRST, Our Next Investigation will be on Sunday, Feb 15 as we return to the Trelles Clinic in Ybor. Since our last visit national tv crews have been in as well. The work on transitioning the former clinic to a spa facility is moving along rapidly, so we need to visit while we can. We will meet at Street Car Charlies again at 6 PM for food and drink before proceeding to the Clinic at 7 PM. This time we will split the group into two groups, one experienced and one of rookies. So, while our investigations are usually limited just to members, this one will be open to any newcomers as well. Street Car Charlies is immediately across the streetcar tracks from the Trelles Clinic at 1811 N. 15th Street in Ybor. There is NO cost to attend this event and everyone is welcome.

SECOND, the Tampa Ghost Watchers at the Biltmore is almost sold out for Friday the 13 in March. If you said you were coming, but have not paid for the event, we will have to assume you are NOT planning to attend. This hotel will be closed for over two years starting in late May. I still have recieved no reply from anyone at Tapscon, but I do not think their event will be held. Most of the hotel staff is being layed off in April according to press releases. If anyone knows different about Tapscon, please let me know. Please sign up asap. I had to sign a SIX page contract with the hotel over this event. Sign up at If you are not signed up with us, do not show up at the hotel planning to attend as we will cannot allow you to participate. Cost is $89 per person and includes reception, dinner, program, and investigation.

THIRD, Tampa Ghost Watchers Do Gettysburg. Memorial Day Weekend. The Air Tran flights from Tampa have been changed to depart earlier. That is good. If you have tickets, you are set, but keep watching in case they change times again. I still have one room available. We will be visiting the Point Lookout Lighthouse, the Edgar Allan Poe House and Grave, and Ft. McHenry. Get details about the lighthouse at

Get more info at