Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dear Members

Recently I received an email questioning me about the costs of our events. Let me crystal clearly explain things to you.

We do not charge when we have home investigations in almost all cases.
With over 200 members, we can't exactly march 200 members through someones home.

We try to provide you with the best events possible - as planned.

St. AuGHOSTine we brought some of the best speakers and investigators from around the country. Paying for their costs and airfare. Speakers came from San Francisco, Colorado, Kentucky, Savannah, Gettysburg, New York and more. Get a grip, do you really think these quality speakers just go everywhere at enormous expense to themselves just to provide you with some program that you may or may not show up for ? Do you think these facilities will provide free space just because we are nice people ? Get real.

The Day of the Dead will include dinner and a hall rental. How do I make that happen free ?

The cost for Cassadaga will go to the home owner at their request and for a fee to the psychic conducting the séance. If you have ever been to Cassadaga, you would know that every psychic there expects to be paid.

As to the Myrtles, it includes a hotel room, additional staff to be on hand all night, and a required one million dollar liability policy . When I commit our group to that, I have to commit to paying for ALL of the rooms at the Plantation and those extra costs. In New Orleans, I also have to make major commitments. I will be expending over $5,000 in deposits alone in the next 40 days for a trip and investigation not to be held until late May.

The event next Saturday at the Hillsborough River State Park requires a $6 per car entrance fee to the State of Florida, the cost of the Fort event is $5 per person that goes to the park service and to the over 6 reenactors and additional park ranger that are staying late just so our group can have a special visit to Fort Foster.

If you cannot afford to attend an event, I understand. I can't afford to dine at Bern's either - so I don't go. But that sure doesn't mean that others can't or shouldn't or that Bern's doesn't serve a fine meal - because they sure do.

In St. AuGHOSTine we had the opportunity to experience the Telephone to the Dead belonging to Chris Moon, Publisher of Haunted Times magazine. While I am still unsure of what I thought about it, I can tell you, that I considered this to be one of the most amazing experiences I have had since doing investigations. We covered the cost to bring Chris from Colorado. It was well worth it. Father David Price of the Old Catholic Church actually spoke of about demonic positions and exorcisms - from experience. Mark Nesbitt is continually on televison shows talking about Gettysburg and Fredericksburg ghosts - he spoke at our event on investigating battlefield ghosts. Murray Silver shared a near death experience. Gloria Young shared her experiences investigating in San Francisco including Alcatraz. Stacey Jones from New York brought her expeiences as a cop. Ericka Boussaharne shared stories as a cold case psychic that many in attendance remembered. Dusty Smith provided local guidework as probably the most knowledgeable person on St. Augustine Cemeteries. All of these speakers are of national acclaim. Google their names with paranormal or ghost after it and find out. Have you bothered to spend anytime doing that so you might be a little knowledgeable ?

If you want to continually stomp into supposedly haunted homes with teams
that are disorganized and that think they know everything because they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, then so be it.

Tampa Ghost Watchers has earned a national reputation for well organized events with knowledgeable speakers, quality planning and execution. When I commit to a location or event, I am the one on the hook. Your only commitment is to select to attend or not.

We have about 10 people at the Hillsborough River State Park - guides and costumed reenactors - that have planned part of their day next week for our group members. Is it too much to ask for you to tell me if you plan to attend or not ? And to pay the cost to enter a state park and pay the fee that the general public pays ? I think not.

I spend hours doing research, making phone calls, and sticking my financial neck out so that you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge or to have an experience. Have you researched any of our speakers or locations ? When you have been on an investigation with us, have you responded with an email as to your findings or experiences ?

I apologize for my lengthy dialogue, but I felt I needed to speak up. I am very proud of our past accomplishments and efforts - the coming years will only get better but only if you open your minds and spirits and participate when you can.


mariedees said...

Hi Bill,

I first encountered Tampa Bay Ghost Watchers at the Ybor City Conference last year. Yes, there was a cost for that conference. Many people probably don't realize it was the fraction of what another well-known group had been planning on charging for a ghost hunting class about that same time.

I set aside money for St. Augustine and consider it well worth the investment. I'm familiar with Cassadaga and want to take part in that investigation. But I can attest that yes, the folks there do expect money for what they do. (I think they overcharge, but that's a personal opinion.)

I've also taken part in free investigations and presentations the group organizes and appreciate those. It's not always possible for me to work a drive to Tampa into my schedule, but I appreciate the work you put into this.


Ericka Boussarhane Psychic Medium said...

I have been a speaker at many events. There is a big trend in paranormal events canceling at the last minute. The the event holders run off with ticket sales. No refunds are given. So right now people are really afraid to attend events. Your events are well organized, current, honest, and cost effective. Not sure about what your guest felt about my contribution, but I enjoyed connecting and interacting with each and every one. I only wish we had more time to share with each other. You get A in my book. I hope to see you all again soon. God Bless. Ericka Boussarhane

Zoesgarden said...

I always look forward to getting together with fellow paranormal enthusiasts. I have had to pick and choose what I can afford to attend and what I have time for in my hectic traveling schedule, but I'm there when I can be. Bill isn't pocketing any profits in this. Everything ccsts. I have heard that Cassadaga has gone way up for a reading as they have fallen on tough times as well. They have to wait for business to c ome to them. The hotel can't pick up and relocate. I'm looking forward to Ft. Foster. I grew up in Florida and I didn't even know it was there. It's always a golden opportunity to learn the history of wherever you are investigating, even if you don't get a single tingle, brush, cool spot or misty picture. Just go.

CB said...

Hey Bill,
I can't afford to participate in everything either, but each and every event I have attended has been well worth my time and money. There is something very important that needs to be said about you and your events. You have ALWAYS stood behind your word and that is because you have integrity and sincerely want people to have a good time as well as a unique experiences. I so enjoyed the St AuGhostine trip...ALL your speakers were awesome & I look forward to more upcoming adventures with The Tampa Ghost Watchers. Thank You.
Claire Castillo

luky begum said...

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