Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your are Invited to Paraskeví 13

This is your invitation to a unique Two Days at Paraskevi 13

Our Space is VERY limited, so sign up early ! (Might Make a Very Unique Holiday Gift as Well)

Friday, January 13, 2012 - 7 PM - 10 PM at the historic Friday Morning Musicale in Tampa - Investigating the Paranormal - Please arrive early for this event.
10 PM - ? Social meeting

Saturday, January 14, 2012 - Locations to be announced
10 - 11: 30 AM - Workshop Session 1
1 - 2:30 - Workshop Session 2
3- 4:30 - Workshop Session 3


8 PM - Workshop Session 4 aboard the American Victory Ship

WORKSHOP SESSIONS will give you the opportunity to break into smaller groups lead by our speakers. Sessions to include:

  • Spiritual influences in Paranormal Investigations, including Exorcisms

  • Investigating Haunted Locations with Crime History

  • UFO Investigations

  • Visits to Three Historic Tampa Locations including the Oaklawn Cemetery

Participating speakers and investigators:

Troy Taylor, Author of 84 books on ghosts, the paranormal, history, and crime. Founder of the American Ghost Society. From Illinois.

April Slaughter, Author, paranormal investigator, and one of only two owners of the controversial Frank's Box. She also served as a contributing writer and manager with Taps ParaMagazine. She and her husband founded The Paranormal Source. April is from Dallas, TX.

Father David Price, Assistant Pastor for Saint Christopher Old Catholic Church in Louisville, Kentucky . Fr. David also performs home blessings and assists the Archbishop Long in exorcisms. Father Price is from Louisville, KY.

Maureen Patrick, President,Tampa Historical Society and Historic Guides. Maureen conducts tours in Ybor City and other historic locations.

Bill Sharpe, Tampa Ghost Watchers.

Other Speakers to be announced.


$100 Per Person

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